AK International business links was founded in 2005, as a export of surgicals items from pakistan. After that our company enters in fruits and vegetable fields in 2014, as a processor and exporter of Fresh Potatoes and fresh Mandrins/Kinnows from Pakistan. Due to our commitment to top quality and the perseverance of our dedicated team, AK International has managed to stand out in the region. Today AK International among the largest growers, processors and exporters of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, and with a strong commitment and potential for both growth and expansion.

Quality, Not Quantity;

With a focus on sustainability and excellence, we have built a reputation for reliability and integrity in the export industry, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of freshness and taste.

Our vision and Mission;

To be a trusted global leader in the export of fresh produce, fostering sustainable trade relationships and nourishing communities worldwide.

Our Mission

To deliver premium quality fruits and vegetables from Pakistan to the world, promoting health and wellbeing in every bite.

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