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We Focus on the export of spices and agricultural products of high quality from the south Malabar region in India to across the globe. AK International is based in the southern part of India, Mangalore. The famed coastal city is considered a trade hub for spices and agro products from ancient times.

We are the best Exporter Company

India is the world’s greatest producer of a wide range of spices with the most varied aromas and flavours.

We always help our customers in fulfilling their demands for quality products without compromising on our business ethics and we carefully deal with products to maintain the highest standard by adopting advanced technology into our production line from growing, harvesting, cleaning, grading, hygienic packaging and enhanced shelf life. We cater to the needs of the global community including both small and medium-sized companies; individual importers and international buyers. Different packaging options are provided by us, to meet diverse clients’ requirements.

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